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15 Takes on Design Trends 2015 – almost unbearable?


15 Takes on Design Trends 2015 – almost unbearable?

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The new year – traditionally the right time for predictions.

Those who walk with open eyes through the world see odd, funny or remarkable things at every turn. But which observation has potential? Maybe even an upcoming, economically sustainable trend? And what is and remains simply a flash in the pan?

Considering this topic for a while now, it suddenly occurred to me that this year things might be different: Currently the biggest trend are trend predictions themselves, even Social networks are full of them… Not only trend researchers but also advertisers, innovators, fashionistas, entrepreneurs, designers, interior designers and publicists – all are trying to get ahead of the curve by targeting exact trend predictions.

As this is the case my own outlook for 2015 will be a little different this year. Last year I created a comprehensive trend outlook 2014 in the form of a style guide with associated Pinterest boards, however this year instead I will take a tour of the trend prediction community itself.

Who’s predicting what and how? Browsing through this „Top of the tops“ was really entertaining and the similarities quickly became clear:

Content counts …

Obviously, the fight in the content jungle between the designer and the copywriter continues. Google is the ultimate referee in this battle and decides which if any of the voices will be heard amongst all the noise. It looks as if the years of dominance that text had over imagery is slowly fading. Google moves more and more towards things that please the users, and this instance this means nice big pictures with as little text waffle as possible.

Authenticity too

What is even more obvious: a variety of design trends point towards authenticity and emotionality. While marketers are raving about automated content and Big Data, and want to understand every step of the consumer to address their needs more accurately – they ironically lost the real contact and connection with real people. In a bizarre counter to this technological advancement in marketing: the hand-made, home-made and DIY is on the rise again. In many trend collections it comes up again and again: handwritten and calligraphic typography, personal images and the imperfect and often emotional stories of real people.

In my list of the best trend predictions for 2015 I have selected 15 collections and from each of them picked a trend that I like best. So this way I have created my personal hit list. I hope it provides entertainment and controversy. And in the end I would appreciate your favorites, trend predictions which should not be overlooked – and which are an absolute „must“!

pinterest board design trends 2015

The trend journey begins somewhat generally …

…with the inevitable hint from think with Google. They have once again taken a look back over the past year and collected the most commonly searched words, all neatly presented in an info graphic. The messages: Everything will go faster again, mobile is the driver for personalization and the different platforms combine.

Pick 1) Your office might soon look like a library

via CO.DESIGN – 6 Major Design Trends Shaping City Life in 2015

David Galullo predicts a new trend in the American publication CO.DESIGN. A counter movement triggered by years of increased pervasive collaboration and constant accessibility, this trend is becoming even more noticeable in the office environment. Specifically this trend is a move towards the office environment more closely mirroring the home environment. Cosy sofas, book cases and floor lamps are all introduced to create a space for increased concentration and reduced outside interruptions. A great trend that I am really looking forward to.

Pick 2) Go for the big picture

via Ninjawards 2015 – Print Design Trends

H & M and Jeff Koons aren’t the only ones who discovered that size does indeed matter! Having already found application across the web the big picture is now finding its way back into print. Just one of over 50 great print trends that the Ninjawards 2015 has put together here.

Pick 3) Privacy on the rise

via Creativbloq – 10 web design trends that will change everything 2015

Sharing through social media is becoming an automated action to gain marketing advantage. More and more people are hesitant when they realize that they are communicating with machines – or in some cases with people who behave like machines.

Pick 4) Personal Branding

via Designmodo – Web Design Trends That Will Rule 2015

Connected to the global ‘Selfie’ boom Designmodo proclaimed that there will soon be more websites and media of all kind that deal with the person itself. Large-format portraits of people will replace the faceless portraits of brands and Stock Photo overloaded mood boards.

Pick 5) Material Design

via UXmag – The Top UX Predictions for 2015

Last year Google did a good thing by introducing Material Design. While Apple introduced its iOS7, characterised by simple flat structures (Flat Design Style) Google presents a new dimensionality. Overlapping layers are visible through edge design and transparency, making it easier to navigate and detect structure. Good for the user!

Pick 6) Unplugged

via Pensar Development – 2015 INDUSTRIAL DESIGN TRENDS

The American Design Studio Pensar voted for Unplugged in Industrial Design for the next few years. The nostalgic style enhances an aversion to the megatrend CONNECTIVITY that connects and constricts us in increasingly sophisticated networks. Unplug and enjoy the good old things. Something a little nostalgic for my personal taste, but trend is trend …

Pick 7) The return of FUN

via Creativebloq – 5 big branding trends for 2015

Creativebloq introduces a somewhat peculiar trend in the form of: Humor and fun are on the rise. It is quite hard to believe with all the „fun“ of posts on Facebook but there is a significant amount of courage and skill required for established brands to really hit the right tone with humor. Laughing more about yourself than about others is key.

Pick 8) Branded Government

via Trendwatching.com – 10 TRENDS FOR 2015

The trend collection of trendwatching.com also contains a forecast for increasing public-private partnerships. Businesses are increasingly mixing themselves up in the tasks of democratic states, and help with things that they find easy and which the state finds difficult. This will also increasingly happen in highly developed Western societies, on the one hand to improve the living conditions but also to improve global competitiveness. Not necessary in China, or is it?

Pick 9) Hand drawn illustration

via Entrepreneur – Design Trends for the 2015th

Supported by an info graphic Entrepreneur shows that hand-made and hand-drawn is a real trend to watch. This aesthetically pleasing trend was grown out of weariness against the smooth, perfect renderings and Stock Photos that characterised a lot of the marketing industry before.

Pick 10) Complete Start-ups – hard to believe

via Business Insider UK– 16 Startup Trends That Will Be Huge In 2015

Apple makes headlines again but this time not for its design. These days advanced start-ups are going at it the Apple way and are choosing to do everything in house. Patchwork companies with their outsourced functions are no longer strong enough for future challenges. Therefore these new start-ups push forward, uncompromising, when it comes to their own inventions, know-how development and production materials, even if it is extremely stressful and expensive to do so. Thus strengthened start-up companies with a clear vision will prevail. Back to the roots again!

Pick 11) Minimize: a super minimalistic style

via 99 designs– The big web design trends for 2015

I don’t agree with all of 99designs trend predictions, but the Minimize style is clearly on the rise. However no compromise is the new aspect. Removing everything which is usually considered necessary creates new experiences for the visitor and polarises alike. That’s how to get new fans.

Pick 12) Emotional interfaces

via Fjord – Trends 2015

Touching experiences, whether in product design, on the Internet or at the point of sale. The global design agency Fjord predicts that communication in the future is sensual and consumers respond positively to „touch“.

Pick 13) 3D printing in the Kitchen

via FastcoDesign – 4 Tech Trends that will define 2015

3D printing has been around for several years now and continues find a wide range of applications. I think even skeptis are amazed at the success and proliferation of the technology. According to Frog it should now move into the kitchen and influence our diet. According to these visionaries you’ll be eating your first 3D printed meal in 2015.

Pick 14) Wearables get their fash-on

via WeareWearables – 6 wearable tech trends coming out of CES 2015

With wearables sprouting like weeds it is hard to keep track of all the new applications and resulting products. All this apart from the fact that we only have a limited amount of space on our bodies for all these beautiful new gadgets. Fresh from the leading trade fair for consumer electronics (CES 2015) a link to the world of fashion is predicted. Creating value through a combination with jewellry and fashion will help to avoid the quick decline of the wearables…?

Pick 15) Stacked type

via WILDDESIGN Blog – Graphic Design and Branding Trend Preview 2015

Creative use of typography, even if the readability suffers? This trend has been identified not only by Jasper Rehder from our Shanghai office. In 2014 stacking design was a product design trend in the compilation of our trend outlook 2014 and is now finding its feet in the graphic design and branding scene.

Staked Type

And if it has taught you something, or you want to ask any question or make a comment – down below is the space to do so, answers guaranteed!

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