Interview with Quan Shan – General Manager of WILDDESIGN Shanghai


Interview with Quan Shan – General Manager of WILDDESIGN Shanghai

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Recently, the General Manager of our WILDDESIGN office in Shanghai, Quan Shan, gave an interview to Ticker – a business journal of the German Chamber of Commerce in Mainland China.

Let’s read what he said about his personal experience, our company activities here and general design business landscape in China.

Quan Shan, General Manager  WILDDESIGN Shanghai

What is your personal and business background?

I decided to become a designer when I was still a teenager in Shanghai, and over the next 20 years went from school to design company, from fantasy to commercial design. Another seven years of studying and working in Germany, I attained my current position as a general manager of WILDDESIGN Shanghai.

Tell us a little about your company and activities in China.

WILDDESIGN was founded by Markus Wild in the Ruhr area in 1990, with an initial business focus on product design. Nowadays, WILDDESIGN specializes in innovative solutions for medical device development, with over 25 years of design practice in Germany. As one of the first German design agencies in China, our Shanghai office was established in 2006, and focuses on offering high-quality design services for the growing Chinese creative industry. Today, WILDDESIGN is one of the leading design agencies in China, providing integrated services from product development to service design, branding and marketing strategy.

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How long has your company been active in China? Have there been any major shifts in strategy in that time?

For the last nine years, WILDDESIGN has adopted to the dynamic and ever-changing needs of its clients. We have supported globally recognized brands in their marketing and product development strategy in China and helped local manufacturers to grow their businesses with new brand images and product identities on the global market. Through long-term cooperation and deepened understanding of their businesses, we have grown from a young supportive design team to an experienced external creative partner for our clients. Our strategy in China is continuously being upgraded; however, high-quality service is our constant priority.

What are your business aims and hopes for the future?

I hope that we will grow together with our current and potential clients. WILDDESIGN is meant to work as a connection between different businesses, different people, different locations and different cultures. We are creative thanks to our widely linked knowledge and experience. We will continue to support our clients’ development, deepen relations with partners (hugely important in China) and bring our design service to the international level.

Do you have any top tips for doing business in China?

There is only one rule that works well in China – forget existing rules and try to build your own path. The environment is far from well-defined here, so whatever helps to discover a new route is useful. Keep thinking from different perspectives and then organize information considering multiple aspects.

This interview appeared first in Health and Business (August – September) issue of German Chamber Ticker magazine.

Do you have more questions for Quan? Let us know in the comments!

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